October 4, 2013

The Three Girls Who Killed a Puppy in the Video Are From the Philippines!


I strongly believe that these three girls who killed a small innocent puppy in the video I shared earlier are Filipinas! This video was originally created in the Philippines!

While I was watching the news (24 oras) last night, I noticed something. When they were giving some snap shots of the previous "crush videos" made by a Filipino couple from La Union (This couple apparently hired and paid a lot of young girls to "crush" animals while they're videotaping them, and these videos were sold for P100 to P1,000 per video), I saw a video featuring the same exact area where this very recent video took place.

Here's a replay of the news I was talking about. Forward it to 9:06.

What do you think? Is it the same area where the recent crush video took place?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is from the same area and producer. In fact these 3 girls feature the most in their videos. The left one called Tess relatively the least in about four or so I know of. But the other two of which the middle is called CherryLou and the one on the right LynLyn which is also the alas used by the female producer Chita Dorma Ridon (the name is off the top of my head so I could have some spelling errors).

It is a good thing they took action in the Philippines, and this particular video shot in 2011 was part of the evidence, but the girls seemed to be all left off the hook as they were marked as minors, though I doubt the one called LynLyn is a minor.

I don't have any proof for this, but I think with these cases it is also about political control and containment. The two 'adult' producers Chita and her husband are behind bars I think currently.

To get any chance of success the information needs to be extensive and go viral, I admit I have not gotten involved myself though I did a lot of research. I often find these forums chaotic and some people also express abhorrent opinions as in kill them etc. you get the gist. Thus in a way they stoop down to a low level themselves, there is a lot of genuine concern too like that of yourself.

But for it to be successful there must a concerted effort not the same meagre story on several boards. But comprehensive information and rebuttal of 'facts' if possible like that the girls were all minors.

Look into the case of Stephanie Hird and Sarah Zamora and there you see also conflicting information, for example that Sara was only 18 at the time she is 28 now I think. The video concerned is not shot so long ago. My food is getting cold so Ill stop writing but Ill check the comment section soon.


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