August 21, 2013

Odesk Clients Looking For Filipino Contractors


Odesk Clients Filipino Contractors

I'm a blogger and a full time Filipino Odesk contractor. I spend most of my free time browsing job offers on Odesk. One thing I always notice about most of the job offers looking for "Filipino Contractors Only" is that they are trying to attract Filipinos with their very high requirements and extremely low bids. Here's the latest I've seen this morning:

Odesk Clients offering jobs to Filipinos

This Canadian client is offering a 40-hour per week job for only $20 per day (like Php840 per week)?! I'd rather get a job in a small fast food chain.

I also found another one yesterday. I wasn't able to do a screenshot but the bid is 0.15 cents per hour (60 hours per week). The job requires the contractor to write high quality 800-word articles (one article per hour) and to work during UK business hours.

Seriously? These Odesk clients should know that even though Philippines is known as one of the third world countries, Filipinos are not illiterate. They are known worldwide to be very smart and talented. Most of the time, Filipino Odesk contractors can speak English better than their Odesk clients / employers.

I also have some experiences when foreign clients treat Filipino contractors like they're dumb. I even had a German client / employer who used to say that the only thing he likes about Filipinos is that they are cheap laborers. I immediately ended my contract with him. He tried to reconcile by offering me a higher hourly rate, but I refused.

I'm not being too sensitive about this subject. But once and for all, I just want to clarify that Filipinos sign up on Odesk to look for decent part time or full time jobs.. and not to be insulted. Before judging these contractors, look at their capabilities first. Don't judge someone by his/her race! Who knows? This Filipino contractor could be way better than you!

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