December 11, 2012 - Is Posting Your Ads Here Really Worth Your Time?

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I just want to share my opinion regarding First and foremost, I was already an online marketer even before had launched. I remember the days when their staff were calling me to ask my permission if they could post my advertisements on their site - they got my contact info from my ads on As an eager online marketer, I agreed. When I switched to another industry, I started to receive calls from that site again. I really appreciated their effort and aggressiveness.

Just this morning, I received an email from that site that my ad was already deleted (I can't even remember that I posted an ad there). They provided me a link to repost that ad. So I clicked that link and tried to repost it. I edited the ad and put my website there ("For more info, visit our official website at:"). A notification suddenly appeared that I can't put any url's on my ads.. so I removed it. Then I uploaded one of my watermarked images (I had to watermark all my images since my business is shirt designing) and published the ad.

After an hour or so, I received a new email from asking me to revise my ad:

Hi (My Name),

To our Valued Advertisers, We have a new rule regarding photos with text being
uploaded on the site. We no longer allow text to be placed on the photos. This
rule was made to ensure that all photos are simple and clean and the best
features of your ad are showcased on You may place all ad
details : text, phone numbers, in the ad description portion. Tip: Buyers
look closely at the ad picture, so making sure that you upload a clear picture
will definitely have its benefits. Re-upload your pictures here:

Seriously? Why? Watermarks are not even clickable! First, I can't put my business' website on my ad when they can just easily tweak their html codes to make the url's non-clickable. Second, I can't upload my images because they have watermarks. Third, they don't have the right to act as a first class website when lots of people are being scammed by some of their members. They should focus on the advertisers' identities, not with the appearance of the ads' images.

Clearly, isn't worth my time. is still the best. shouldn't be a website - it should be just a plain black and white newspaper.


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