August 5, 2011

A City in China Bans Dogs As Pets!


What?! Officials in Jiangmen, China, are banning residents from keeping their pet dogs. The worst.. owners are obliged to take their dogs to drop-off centers where they will be either adopted by residents of rural areas or EUTHANIZED!

According to Teddy Hilton, any owners who wish to keep their dogs must apply for a license. Unfortunately, it seems that only people who plan to use dogs to provide security for businesses will be granted.

Where are you PETA? If they don't like dogs, then bring them here!!!!!

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Scott said...

The policy of Chinese Governemtn is really inhumane. It is unfair to both of the dogs and the existing dog owner.

Watertown Wanderer said...

Well at least they're not going to eat them, as is quite common in China and Vietnam.

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