July 11, 2011

Tuko (Gecko Lizard) Buyers and Sellers: BEWARE!


Five days ago, I posted my opinions here about this Tuko Buying and Selling Craze going on here in the Philippines right now. I also mentioned there that I have a lot of friends (and even relatives) searching for these poor gecko lizards. Oh well, good thing I didn't believe in this crap.

I want to share some of their experiences:

I have a friend who is now on his 50's. Let's name him "Kuya Tony". To cut the story short, he already has a prospective tuko buyer (a foreigner) so he looked for a tuko seller online. He was able to find one. He was attracted with the picture of the large gecko lizard posted on the advertisement. So he contacted his buyer and they agreed to meet at a mall in Quezon City for contract signing. After that, they went to the seller's place Kuya Tony met online. To their disappointment, the seller showed a large wood with a drawing of a gecko lizard (tuko). That was the one posted on the advertisement! It was perfectly carved that anyone can mistake it with a real "tuko". According to him, those guys look like goons. Good thing the buyer didn't bring his money, or else....

This next story happened to my aunt and uncle. A friend recommended a tuko seller in a town somewhere in Nueva Ecija. They agreed to meet last Thursday. Unfortunately, their car broke down so they were forced to take the tricycle on their way to their meeting place. They were not familiar with that town so they just showed the address to the driver. So when they got there, a group of men approached them and forced them to empty their pockets and give them their bags. An iPhone 4 and P4,000 worth of cash.. together with their credit cards, driver's licenses and other important id's were taken by these men.

So if you have plans on joining this tuko (gecko lizard) business, you might want to change your minds. And besides, these innocent gecko lizards are very important to our environment. Leave them alone.

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Monisima's Life in the Philippines said...

I didn't know such scams existed regarding tuckos. Seems pretty dangerous to buy things online, especially if you don't know the buyer. Thanks for sharing.


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