June 9, 2011

Jennylyn Mercado: A Liar?


I'm sure that we all heard the sad story of Jennylyn Mercado.. how she was abandoned by her biological parents when she was still a baby, how she became a victim of child abuse by her step-father, and how she was adopted by her mother's cousin Lydia Mercado.

On an episode of The Buzz which was aired last June 5, 2011, the program had released a first-time interview with her biological mother Jinkee to answer all her daughter's allegations on June 2011's issue of YES! Magazine.

According to Jinkee, she and Lydia Mercado (Jennylyn's adoptive mother) are not biologically related. She also mentioned that she and Jen had a lot of communication since January to May 2011. In fact, they have plans to meet on the 24th or 29th of June. She showed some receipts of money transfers and educational plans which were dated on the 90's to prove that she had provided for Jennylyn financially. She also stated that Lydia wouldn't let her communicate with Jennylyn ever since, despite that fact that she's providing for her daughter's financial needs.

Regarding the child abuse done by the man whom she allegedly married a long time ago, she had denied it (despite the fact that this was reported during 1991 on national tv). According to her, she didn't marry anyone during that time. When asked if what was the real score behind this story, she just answered, "It didn't happen."

If Jennylyn's telling the truth, why would her biological mother say these? Or just in case that Jinkee's telling the truth, why would Jennylyn ruin her own biological mom's reputation? For publicity?

Who's telling the truth? Who's the real liar?

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Gusto pa ata mag artista ng nanay ni jen eh... Dineny nya na binubog si jen ng step father eh kalat na kalat na ang picture ni jen nung bugbog sarado sya nung bata. Walang kwentang ina!

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