May 19, 2011

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Finale (As I Lay Dying) Glitch!


From Jenna (Elena's aunt) and John (Elena's biological father) being dead... Elena Gilbert was trying to pick up the shattered pieces. Damon, who had been bitten by Tyler Lockwood on the previous episode, was trying to ask for Elena's forgiveness (for forcing her to drink his vampire blood); thinking that it'll be his last chance to apologize. Desperate for a cure (for a wolf-bite) for his brother, Stefan went to Klaus to negotiate. At the end of the day, Klaus gave him his blood which happens to be the only cure for Damon.. and Stefan himself being the price for it.

As for the secondary characters... Jeremy was accidentally shot and killed by Sheriff Forbes when she was trying to shoot Damon. Bonnie asked for the witches spirits' help. At first they refused, but eventually they revived Jeremy back to life, but there was a big consequence. The spirits of his dead ex-girlfriends, Vicki and Anna, started to haunt him.

My favorite part from this episode was when Elena kissed Damon, then suddenly Katherine came to the Salvatore house to deliver the cure. However, I think there's a glitch on that scene. If you're an avid viewer of The Vampire Diaries Season 2, I'm sure you were able to watch the episode where Stefan and Damon transferred the deeds of their house to Elena's name.. so that no other vampires can enter the house. This was the time when Klaus was about to enter the scene--- the moment he was possessing Alaric's body. During that time, Katherine had already been held captured by Klaus.

So the question is, how did Katherine enter the Salvatore house without Elena's permission?

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lzlpio90 said...

I have watch this tv series once and i fell in love with this show. But i wasnt able to watch the whole story.. Did elena really fell in love with Damon? What did happen to Stefan and Elena? Did they ended up with each other??? I am elenaXstefan fan...



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