May 11, 2011

Grow Your Facebook And Twitter Followers For Free!


If you have a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account and you want to grow your followers in a short span of time, there's this cool website called You can generate your own followers, real followers, just by earning credits from following or liking other accounts. Those credits will be used for others to like and follow your FB fanpage and twitter account as well. So generally, it's like "No Credits, No Followers".

The good thing about is it is totally free. Of course, like any other free programs, you have the option to buy credits if you don't have the time to click. This is not an automated software so be responsible. Of course, there are some scammers who can follow you. But if you're that smart enough, you can just ignore them or unfollow them. But consistent "following then unfollowing" is prohibited, so be aware.

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