April 9, 2011

Most Irritating Things People Do On Facebook


Many people nowadays forget the limits of sharing things on their favorite social networks, like on Facebook. This is the reason why I usually configure my wall settings (choosing whose feeds to block or show). Most of the time, people tend to love the idea that "everyone" is interested on their lives so they share even their most-private activities on their facebook walls.

This is not the only irritating thing that people, or some people, do on Facebook.

1. People With Unstable Relationship Statuses
The other day, it's complicated. Yesterday, you're single. Today, you're in a relationship. Tomorrow, you're single again. Make up your mind!

2. People With Too Many Brothers and Sisters
It's okay to have a big family tree on your profile if all the people listed on it are your real biological relatives, but listing all your bff's as your brothers and sisters isn't just confusing.. it's totally annoying!

3. People Who Try Hard To Be "Big" On Their Statuses
Don't try too hard by posting things like "I'm having a bad day because my hubby postponed our trip to Paris because he suddenly purchased a large condo unit in the metro.." or "Thinking of buying a new mobile phone because I'm already fed up with my 3-day old iPhone 5..".

4. People Who Announce Their Every Movement
Like what I've said earlier, these are the people who think that everyone's interested on their lives so even their most unimportant activities will be posted on their walls. For example:
"Going to bed now. Night!" (10 minutes ago)
"Can't sleep. Heading to the kitchen to eat something." (7 minutes ago)
"Eating donuts." (4 minutes ago)
"Will brush my teeth and will try to sleep again. Night!" (A few seconds ago)

5. People Who Don't Know How To Do Private Messaging
Like what I've said on number 4, many people think that everyone's watching them. A great example is a wife posting, "Babe, please wash the dishes!" or "Babe, take the meat out of the freezer." on her husband's wall.

6. People Who Add Everyone, Even People They Don't Know
"Hey, I got thousands of friends. I'm cool!". Seriously, you think that's cool? One of those people might use your private infos or photos for scamming purposes. Good luck.

7. People Who Make Multiple Personal Accounts
I don't get the idea of making multiple personal accounts if you're going to add the same people from your other accounts. If you're going to do this for more important purposes like business, then it's understandable.

8. People Posting Photos Of Their Brand New Gadgets
Yeah, you have a brand new macbook or iphone. But do you really have to show the whole world your new and latest gadgets?

9. People Who Should Get Their Own Lives and Purchase Real Farms
I don't know about these people who always send invitations for Farmvilles... don't they have jobs to take care of? I have a lot of more important things to do than dealing with fake farms.

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Sanskar Shrivastava said...

Lol and there are people who will tag everyone in their status.

had a awesome day, thanks to @XYZ, @ABC, @DEF for being there and @tyu i love you..lol

I laugh at such status messages :P

Anonymous said...

I had a cousin who kept tagging almost everyone in her pictures, even if they had nothing to do with it. Mostly it's just solo pictures of her and I kept removing myself in the tags. It's annoying, but I think she noticed I didn't like what she's doing :)

Another annoying posts are those trying to look big by posting their statuses in english. Not trying to offend anyone, I don't find anything wrong with it, but SOME people do it just to make themselves sound like they are posting something so important and socially worth reading. I am not a perfect english speaker or writer, but I don't use english just to fit in with my friends or make myself sound like a VIP.

Another type of posts are those what I call "get-a-diary" posts. I am weirded out by some people who will log in just to let everyone know that their boyfriend cheated and how angry they are about it. There's even one that kept posting like her friends are her followers. She thinks she's a celebrity or a royalty. I already hid her posts :)

Oh and those neverending game requests? I hate them too. :)

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