April 5, 2011

Dead Mouse Inside Monster Energy Drink


Vitaliy Sulzhik has filed a lawsuit against the maker of Monster Energy Drinks for finding a dead mouse at the bottom of his can.

"I put it down and I felt it was still heavy. So I backwashed it and all this debris went into my mouth. Then I looked in the can and I saw the tip of the tail and I vomited everywhere."

According to Teddy Hilton, xrays and autopsies showed that the mouse wasn't killed by mouse trap or poisons, nor it suffered from serious trauma. It means that it wasn't intentionally killed and forced into the opening of the drink. The company's already aware of the incident, but still refuses to beilieve Sulzhik.

What the hell was that mouse doing inside the can? Eeew! What kind of factory does Hansen Beverage Company has?

Would you still buy Monster Energy Drink, guys?

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