May 1, 2011

Boy Bought A Real Handgun From His Classmate For 3 Dollars


An 8-year-old boy in Queens, New York purchased a handgun from his classmate for $3. He thought it was a toy gun so he took it home to show his mom. When the mother realized it was a real gun, she took her son and the pistol back to school and reported this to the school administrators, who afterwards alerted the police.

The kid who sold the gun has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon while his father has also been charged with criminal possession and acting in a manner to injure a minor.

Many people could have been hurt by the kid's (who sold the gun) reckless parents. If you're going to buy a gun for protection, then keep it away from your kids!


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Steffie said...

I hate guns. A friend of mine was gunned to death just a few weeks ago. There should really be better gun control.


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