March 13, 2011

Postcard As An Effective Way Of Marketing


During the 1800's, postcards are used to send private messages by individuals because the cost of mailing them are way cheaper than regular letters. People often send postcards from vacations or just to simply say "Hello".

Today, postcards are used for advertising purposes. Why use a postcard instead of using a piece of paper? Maybe you're one of the many folks who gives no attention to a simple "black and white" flyer. Postcards are printed on better paper than flyers. As a result, it gives us a stronger visual motif increasing the odds of people looking at them.

Postcard marketing is very affordable, especially when compared to other mediums like newspapers and television ads. This can also be a good replacement for business cards. Make sure that you include your contact information on the postcards you're sending or giving away.

Another thing that makes this marketing effective is that 100% of the people who receive your postcards will read them because normally, we've wanted to make sure that our messages there will be brief. Not only that, there's no envelope to slice open and no letter or unnecessary brochure to unfold. People can read them with just a single twist of the hand.

It is also proven that postcards are effective in generating prospects and responses to 95%. And because of its affordability, even the smallest businesses can implement this kind of marketing strategy. In addition to that, you can also track your results by telling your recipients to bring the card into your store for a special discount.

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Avenir said...

Leaving your business cards and flyers at places you visit often is a great way to market..


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