March 24, 2011

Black Swan: A Movie Review


After watching Black Swan, I can say that it is the most disturbing psychological thriller of the year. Before watching the movie, I thought it was just an ordinary inspirational film about a ballerina dancer achieving her dreams; a plot like Burlesque or Coyote Ugly. But you see, I was wrong.

Nina Sayers, played by Natalie Portman, is a fragile and repressed ballerina who struggles to win the lead role in Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake", a role that will require her to play both the delicate white (Princess Odette) and the evil black swan (Odile). The company's artistic director Thomas Leroy, played by Vincent Cassel, insists Nina to "lose herself" in order for her to justify the role. The whole story will evolve there, as Nina slowly loses herself literally as she becomes more and more like the evil swan.

While the staff behind Black Swan is amazing, this film couldn't work without Natalie Portman. I never thought that she would play such a different character, judging by her previous roles on her movies I was able to watch. Not to mention Queen Amidala of Star Wars, of course. She was able to embrace Nina Sayers' slow decent into insanity with such compelling grace. Her flexibility, from being so naive and innocent to being evil, had really made this her best performance of her career.

Black Swan director, Darren Aronofsky, did a great job in making a film capable of evoking reactions in the audience. It was also an easy Oscar candidate in several categories. It is indeed a film worth-watching, and I will definitely add it on my top-collection of dvds.

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amcoronel said...

yes, black swan is definitely the best movie i've ever seen in 2010! i love natalie portman. but i felt bad for sarah lane!


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