February 2, 2011

Murano Necklaces


Murano Necklaces

There was a time when only the rich could afford to own a piece of precious Murano Glass. Today, thanks to the internet and such companies as GlassOfVenice.com, the breathtakingly beautiful, hand-made pieces of this beautiful glass jewelry reach people on all five continents.

Almost one thousand years old handmade Murano glass techniques and designs are still followed by the artisans on the island of Murano. Each piece is absolutely unique, no mater how small and/or inexpensive. Just take a look at this amazing murano necklace:

murano necklaces

Part of GlassOfVenice.com murano necklaces collection, this piece truly stands out.

Untouched by motor vehicles, the island of Murano is just a few minutes by boat from Venice, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Glass makers were confined to the island to isolate them from the outside world, but these days tourists flock in droves to see for themselves how Murano glass is still made in the traditional workshops.

Murano?s thriving glass industry proves today that, just like centuries ago, the tight knit community of glass workers is dedicated to carrying their craft through generations despite all geopolitical changes. And that is why, just like the diamonds, Murano glass jewelry is indeed forever.

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