February 8, 2011

Mined Versus Lab-Created Diamonds


For most people, Diamond is the world's most beautiful gem. It still remains as "every woman's best friend".  The question is, does every woman can afford one?

If you're looking for a great buy for your budget, Lab-grown Diamonds are among one of the best choices. Produced in a laboratory, these diamonds have high clarity and flawlessness. Look elegant while saving 15 to 80% of your money.

No, they are not fake! These quality gems are real. The only difference is the way they were created. Lab-grown diamonds were made in an artificial environment (a laboratory) in just a matter of four days; while natural gems take years several feet under. 

You can now start wearing an Eco-Friendly Jewelry without having to think of the conflict and environmental concerns with mining natural ones. Diamond mines typically remove almost 300 tons of ore to produce one-carat  gem. This material is removed through an open cast-strip mining method, which destroys eco-systems and environment in the process. 

Would you still buy a naturally grown diamond which had destroyed a large amount of our environment when you can actually purchase a set of eco-friendly jewelry at the same amount?

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