February 12, 2011

Ladies Don't Deserve To Be Part of Men's Multiple-Choice Exams


"I just need somebody who will love and take care of me!"

I remember a man saying this one week after breaking up with his girlfriend (Girl A), who also happens to be the mother of his child,  to reconcile with his other ex-girlfriend (Girl B). Unfortunately, Girl B had already moved on. When he tried to rearrange things with Girl A, things got worse for him. Luckily, this Girl A wasn't that stupid enough to trust him again.

I don't know about him. But for me, if you wanted to be loved, then you must first learn how to do it right. Girlfriends aren't baby-sitters, nannies.. whatever. Giving gifts, calling her "babe", and saying "I love you" everyday aren't enough to prove your "so-called love" for her. You must first give her the respect, trust and loyalty that she deserves. And also, love isn't like exchanging-gifts, that if you feel that you're not receiving enough, you can just exit from the party anytime.

Most importantly, you can't love two persons at the same time. And in the first place, why would you get yourself involved in a relationship if you desire to be with somebody else? What a very stupid and selfish act!

If something like this happens to you, move on girl. We ladies deserve the best. Let's not just be an option or a part of someone's Multiple-Choice Exam.

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