January 11, 2011

Solenn Heusaff: A Bimbo?


Solenn Heusaff, a half-french and half-filipina actress, felt insulted after a French TV Network tagged her, together with her friends Anne Curtis and Ruffa Gutierrez, as "Bimbos". The report came from the French Channel M6 titled "Stories of Gangsters, Drug Lords and Bimbos".

Bimbo is a term that in popular English language usage describes a woman who is physically attractive but is perceived to have a low intelligence or poor education. The term can also be used to describe a woman who acts in a sexually promiscuous manner. The term itself is not explicitly negative, but can be used as a derogative insult towards a woman.

According to Solenn:

"I was very offended since my dad and I had helped them organize their documentary here as well as provide for their transportation. They wanted to film several sides of the Philippines and they just totally exaggerated the differences between the poor and more fortunate.
"They made my friends and I sound like total spoiled brats and uneducated and made us look like we don't work and all we do is live the lifestyle. All my friends are very well educated, respected, self-accomplished, down-to-earth and successful women.
"I'm very offended by their editing. Not to mention the title of the documentary was Gangsters, Drug Lords and Bimbos."

Wow, that's rough! Is that a proper payback for having a free trip to the Philippines?

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Anonymous said...

on her twitter she talks about how she accidentally puts hairspray on her armpits more than once instead of deo and she spelt pear as 'pair' twice. no wonder they think so

dhongens said...

definitely a bimbo :)

ann said...

bimbo or not they still were hospitable to these people, they didnt deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Ofcourse not!!! that's a big rumor and very negative! they should not do that to them! how dare are they! Ms. Solenn and her dad helped them to visit on our place but they did,nt respect them! WattaFuckShitHolyAssHole!!!! Wish Ms Solenn and her friends will file them case to jail them forever till they die there ! If i'm gonna have chance to be solenn, I'm gonna go there in France and punch, slap . wound that reporter out and making scandal on their network! I also got hurt when I heard about that! Ms. Solenn and her friends are respectable, not like a bitch !


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