January 6, 2011

Importance of Clocks


Many of us may disagree with it, but keeping track of the time is one of the primary considerations a person has. With so many tasks that must be done in a day, it is very important to watch the time to make sure that everything is done on schedule. That's why time management is important to everyone. It is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools, and systems that help us use our time to accomplish what we want. Time is limited. You cannot store it or save it for later.

Yes, time is only an illusion. We use time to organize our lives. But how can we successfully do it if we can't measure time?

Wall clocks, alarm clocks and watches were invented not just for decoration purposes. These are one of the most important devices of all civilization. We are living in a modernized time that has put such a heavy importance in time. Everything is dependent on it. Due to this importance, there are clocks all around us. Almost every house has large wall clocks and in more developed areas, you cannot walk for five minutes before you see a clock somewhere.

Even before Christ made His way to earth, people already invented devices to tell time. From Sundials, to Water Clocks, to Pendulum Clocks, to Quarts Crystal Clocks, to Modern Day Clocks... we can't deny that these things are one of the most important keys to our existence and survival.

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leiaah said...

time is only a thing of the mind.


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