January 25, 2011

Daniel Matsunaga's Video Kissing A Girl In An Elevator


A video footage of said to be Brazilian-Japanese model and actor Daniel Matsunaga kissing a girl in an elevator is spreading all over the internet like virus since January 23, 2011.

In the video below, a man who really looks like Daniel bent down to pick up something before standing up to kiss the girl. Before they get off the elevator, he looked up at the camera.

Now, I'm wondering how Daniel Matsunaga's girlfriend, GMA7 actress Heart Evangelista, reacted (I'm sure she had already seen this video). But judging by her tweets, I can smell something fishy.

 love marie ongpauco 

Friends don't stress me out:)read my direct messages.
 love marie ongpauco 

@ relax:):)
 love marie ongpauco 

dont worry guys...if you saw it..somethings cooking:)

If the man in this video is really Daniel Matsunaga... why did he look up at the camera? If this video isn't just a gimmick, why would he want his face to be recognized? I'm sure that he's not a caveman to think that elevators of that kind don't have surveillance cameras.

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