January 18, 2011

Cherry Pie Picache: Sexually Harassed By Baron Geisler


Actor Baron Geisler gets another complaint from his co-worker, Cherry Pie Picache, because of his "nasty" behavior.

Baron was reported to be drunk during the taping of Noah, a primetime teleserye in ABS-CBN, when he first tried to touch Cherry Pie in the set. The veteran actress tried to ignore it at first, but Baron became more aggressive and started to grope her breast. Cherry Pie was deeply outraged and complained to the production of the said teleserye, and lead to Baron's termination from the cast. She also filed a complaint to the Philippine Artists Managers Inc. (PAMI) and ABS-CBN.

Looking back 2 years ago, GMA-7 talent Yasmien Kurdi filed Act of Lasciviousness and Unjust Vexation against the actor. William Martinez also filed the same case against him for committing the act on his daughter.

Looks like even a womanly-dressed lamp post would also catch his interest. He should be taken to a rehab asap!

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thechicka said...

About time for Baron to get help, a new life and to have a faith in God.


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