December 3, 2010

Jason Francisco and Melai Cantiveros: Just For Fame!


I'm sure that everyone's already aware of this but I'll post it anyway.

Last night, I watched a celebrity talk show in TV5 and there was a blind item shared by Cristy Fermin...

I can no longer quote the exact words she said:

"Sino itong celebrity couple na produkto ng isang 'bahay'......"
(Who is this celebrity couple produced by a 'house'.....)

"Narinig umano ng jowa si lalake na nakikipagusap sa cellphone habang sinasabi na 'Pare hindi totoo yun. Ginagamit ko lang siya para sumikat ako.'...."
(The girl accidentally heard her boyfriend over the phone saying "Bro, it's not true. I was just using her for fame.'....)

Cristy Fermin even mimicked the girl (with Visayan accent). Who else could that be?

The celebrity couple produced by a "house", the Pinoy Big Brother House in ABS-CBN, is none other than  the MELASON (Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco). I don't like these people but I feel sad for Melai. Oh well, what else can I say?

Welcome to the world of Showbizness, Melai!

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