November 20, 2010

How To Be The Best Boss


It's no fun being a boss who is not liked and respected. So how do you get your staff to be the best thing that ever happened to you? Simple... by being the best boss that ever happened to them!

Here are some guidelines that could help you be that "best boss":

1. Realize that management succeeds via the efforts of the employees.
- Because you're in charge, it doesn't mean that you should take all the credits for the work being done. Remember that you only lead them as they get it done to be sure that all regulations are complied but they are the ones doing the actual work, not you.

2. Learn how to appreciate, and most importantly, show it.
- You should know how to appreciate your employees and thank them for every little task that they do for you (e.g. watering your plants, feeding your fishes, making your coffee, etc.). When they feel valued and appreciated, their job means more to them than a simple paycheck. Or just simply buy everyone a lunch or some snacks every other Wednesday.

3. Be an effective listener.
- Your employees deserve to be heard when they have concerns. Allow them to finish talking before you speak. Do not assume that you know everything! Try to be fully engaged while they're talking. Acknowledge their points, which does not mean that you agree, but does mean that you understand their concerns. Sometimes, you may not need to take any action immediately, hearing them out is what's important to their sense of empowerment and significance. And lastly, do not forget to tell them that you appreciate their openness to make them feel they were heard.

4. Know your employees to know your strength.
- Know your staff individually. Know their motives.. Why are they working in your company? What motivates them? Whatever it is, do your best to understand. This will allow you enhance and align their motives to your goals. Figure out which employees do what is required in their jobs.

5. Display a fair degree of humane qualities.
- Being task-oriented does not mean that you should be HEARTLESS. Bad bosses often forget that their employees have families to take care of, physical bodies that can get sick, etc.

6. Give freedom in proportion to the responsibility given.
- A good boss has to display trust on his subordinates and allow them to take decisions within limits on the responsibility given. But of course, when something goes wrong, they should also be willing to take responsibility for the outcome.

7. Be friendly.. but don't overdo it.
- Most bosses think that if they're going to befriend their employees, they will lose their "bossy reputations". Of course, you have to draw a line. Don't be one of the gang. Just be a friend who listens. Joining them for lunch once or twice a week isn't that bad, either.

8. Learn their rights.
- Know the labor code. Always give 30 to 60 day-notices before laying off or terminating an employee. Or if 30 days is more than enough, consult a lawyer so you can be sure you're not disregarding his/her rights. Treat everyone fairly. They're not insects that you can get rid off anytime. Remember, these employees still had played an essential part of your management's success.

You may have taken a Business Management Course and graduated with flying colors, but it doesn't mean that you already know everything. Sometimes, the most important thing in a career is learned outside the classroom. Play nicely, boss!

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