November 11, 2010

Any Video Converter - Piece of Junk


2 years ago, I tried to download and install Any Video Converter to convert my mobile videos and it worked perfectly for me!

I installed a newer version 8 months ago, but my operating system freezes everytime I tried to launch and use it. I thought it was only my pc doing its old crap again. I had a full reformat and restored everything last week. I installed the newest version, tried it, and alas, it launched successfully! But when I tried to convert an mp4 video to avi, the output's audio and video aren't synchronized! I also tried to convert it to other formats, but no luck as well. I also tried converting other videos, same results! Lastly, I installed the application to my other computer, same stuff happened.

WTF happened to Any Video Converter?!

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