October 28, 2010

Time Traveler Caught On 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film


A man in Ireland has spotted something which he suggests might be a time traveler in the footage included with the DVD release of Charlie Chaplin's 1928 film, the Circus.

The spotting appears to be a person with a dark hat holding something to his/her ear. The fingers are curled around something and the person is definitely TALKING.

Watch the video.

If this is really a time traveler and the one he/she was holding's really a mobile phone, wouldn't that be impossible for the device to work? There are no satellites or signals on that era, right?

Maybe this person is mentally ill and was talking to an object such as a seashell?

Or is it digitally tampered?

Only God knows.

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marcswift1 said...

Very interesting, if it were a T/traveler they wouldn’t let mistakes happen and get caught on live film? But, I don’t think they could rectify their mistake, however… (Paradox!)
There must be an explanation, has anyone seen the original film on the reel? Before it has been digitally put onto cd’s? I would love to believe, not sure what has happened!


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