October 21, 2010

The Deeper Side of Twilight Saga Eclipse


Honestly, Twilight Saga Eclipse, or commonly referred to as Eclipse, is one of my favorite books from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series. After watching the movie adaptation, which by the way is directed by David Slade (who has a real vampire movie under his belt - 30 Days of Night), I became more fascinated by the concept, storyline and of course, the effects! 

The story opens with the news that Seattle, Washington is being plagued by a string of mysterious murders, which the Cullens suspect is caused by a newborn vampire that is unable to control its thirst for human blood. Alice Cullen, Edward's vampire sister who can foresee things, eventually learned that the antagonist Victoria was the one responsible in making a huge army of newborns for her evil plan against Bella and the whole Cullen family. 

I don't want to spoil everything, especially for those unfortunate people who weren't able to watch/read it yet. :-)

Naturally, there are some things in the book that I was looking forward to see in the movie (but were unfortunately not included in the adaptation):

1. The "Hostage Thing"
- In the book, Bella gets held at the Cullen's House as a "Hostage". In the movie, she just had a "sleepover" with Edward.

2. Alice's Porsche
- In the book, Alice receives her brand new Porsche for holding Bella as a hostage. In the movie, you will see the car on their garage but it is never mentioned.

3. Jacob's Pair of Shorts When Phasing
- In the book, Jacob always has a pair of shorts tied on his leg whenever he's on his wolf form because when he phases back to human, he's naked. In the movie, during the fight scene when Jacob gets hurt, he phases back into human with shorts on (I didn't see anything tied on the wolves' legs).

But still, the movie did great! They also included scenes which weren't on the book's sequence. But if they exactly copied the book, I don't think that it'll be this rounded.

Alright, I'm a Twilight fan... but not a die-hard one. I love Twilight Saga... especially the 3rd and 4th franchises - Twilight Saga Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Actually, I already started to collect the Twilight DVDs so I can pass them on my future kids. I don't believe that Twilight is just "selling sex" (like what others say). If you're going to look at the deeper side of the story, you could see some great lessons from each character. Like for example, from Edward Cullen. He's so into "Marriage before Sexual Intercourse" which by the way is a "must" for teenagers who have these "raging hormones". If every young men follows this golden rule, then "pre-marital sex" and "early or unwanted pregnancy" will no longer be part of our vocabularies.

Another part of the novel I admired most is where in the wolves and vampires united for Bella's protection. Mortal enemies shouldn't be "enemies" forever.. especially when it comes to love. Remember the "can't sleep with all that teeth chattering" part? I love it!

So for those who weren't able to able watch Twilight Saga Eclipse yet, watch out for the DVD to be released soon!

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Twilight Fan / Team Edward! said...

you're right!!! twilight is not just selling sex!! it promotes the value of love and friendship!!!


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