October 3, 2010

ABS-CBN's Imortal: Twilight-Inspired Series (Opinions?)


Not a remake. But still, NOT ORIGINAL!

After that stupid not-so-smart idea of ABS-CBN with producing a Filipino version of Twilight "Takip-Silim", they did it again. To catch the attention of the new generation kids - wherein majority of them are twilight fans - they came up again with a new television series wherein the concept is clearly adapted from the Twilight Saga (vampires + wolves + love). The said series is about to be aired on October 4, 2010 at the said station, with main casts Angel Locsin as a werewolf and John Lloyd Cruz as a vampire.

Now my question is: If Stephenie Meyer wasn't born and Twilight Saga wouldn't exist... will ABS-CBN produce a television series such as this? Or let's say that Twilight Saga has nothing to do with this (yeah right!), will they produce and air such thing at the same time the Twilight-Fever is raging?

Probably not.


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Anonymous said...

You're right. Filipino producers are so incapable of producing ORIGINAL storylines.

Anonymous said...

i've watched the first episode. imortal is so boring. too trying-hard!!!

Anonymous said...

DAMMIT NOT ONLY FILIPINOS but every freaking person in this generation right is taking inspiration from Vampire Diaries.. dammit.. last time i visited from National Bookstore, every book has to have that vampire thingy with love in it.. it's very annoying...

Anonymous said...

I respect the opinion of the blogger and

every comments posted on this site.

However, let me clarify some things here. I

do write novels. I do know writers, authors

and some directors. I know how most of

them think. If you think that Americans are

too original, then why are the same

storyline and plots keep coming on their

produced movies and tv series too? Do

you know that some of their plots came

from Europeans, South Americans and

Asians too? Their only advantage is that

they are so known in the business and they

are the ones who got the latest

technologies to match the special effects

require in their projects. But honestly, if we

will talk about plagiarizing, I would say

Hollywood is the number one. But in

fairness with them, they are doing

effectively that most people think,the ideas

are really from them. But it is not. Now

lemme talk about plots and story ideas one

second. If you are bookworm (book

constrictor in fact =)) just like me, you will

realize that every plot in this world is taken

from one storyline to another. Now, for a

writer like me, it is something that it is hard

to admit as most of us wants to be known

for being original and unique. But that is the

inconvenient truth. Look at the love stories

you've watched or read. Stories about

someone who got amnesia forgot her/his

one true love and found someone else,

friends who fell in love with their best

friends or best friends' partner or rich guys

who fell in love with poor naive girls are so

rampant. But why most of us still fall for

these types? It is in the way directors and

writers deliver their stories. That's the only

way most of them could be original. If we

will talk about story lines, nothing is original

these days as most of the writers from

Victorian era have already covered the

plots that the writers of today thought and

would have think of writing. Now lets talk

about Filipino stuff. I grew up having this

despicable colonial mentality. How I hated

Filipino music, movies and TV shows. I

basically grew up watching Beverly Hills

and Baywatch at the age of 6. And listening

to European bands at the age of 10. You

know, I believe in the talent of the Filipinos,

the only problem is the Filipinos do not

know how to use it properly. During that

time. Or it could be the lack of technologies

and support that time. But everything has

changed since the Meteor Garden virus

invaded Asia. I believe it sparked

something from the Filipino artists. Filipinos

start thinking if Taiwanese artists managed

to make it to Asia, why couldn't we? You

see it wasn't just our capability to produce

high quality TV series that had been

challenged but also our capability to

produce quality music. Wasn't it ironic how

many Filipinos were singing Chinese songs

without them having understand what the

songs are all about? And it wasn't just in

the Philippines, after that MG invasion

majority of the Asian artists started to rise,

Koreans, Japanese and Chinese started to

play major roles in the household of

Asians. Filipino singers and TV series

started to find their place on the hearts of

our neighboring countries as well. That's

how big the change was....next comment :)


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