January 3, 2010

Shining Inheritance: Best Korean Drama I've Ever Seen on GMA 7!


Brilliant Legacy, also known as Shining Inheritance, is a Korean drama aired on GMA 7 from August 31, 2009 - present.

For me, this is the best Korean drama I've ever seen.. or the best one ever aired by GMA 7. The story features the issues about families, couples, friends and even money. This drama contains a lot of twists and unpredictable sequences... which makes it perfect and unique from other local and foreign dramas.

Lee Seung Gi (Sun-Woo Hwan) may not be the best-looking actor in Korea, but he really did a great job portraying a "rich-spoiled-bitter-brat" son of a ---! I like him!

But what I like most is the station's choice of Song -- "I Will Take You Forever" sung by Kris Lawrence and Denise Laurel. I am always a fan of original songs... but I totally love their version!

Watch this fan-made video uploaded by OhsOsweet03

I hope that GMA 7 will have a noon-time rewind of this series after their finale week (this week).

For those who missed some episodes and to those who want to watch the whole drama online for free, CLICK HERE

To read the full synopsis, CLICK HERE


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