January 29, 2010

Pissed Off With GMA 7's Remakes and Styles


Now, I'm pissed off big time! What's happening with GMA 7? As if they don't have enough money to hire staffs that are more creative so they can come with different and original soaps. Marimar, Dyesebel, Zorro, Stairway to Heaven, Rosalinda, Darna, Full House, Endless Love, and their boring afternoon soaps... when will these end??

Where's the quality and "originality" they were talking about? Tsk tsk.

But hey, it's so nice that they're starting to give Yasmien Kurdi less exposure. Yeah! I'm a certified Yas-Hater! (Hey Hey! For Yas-Lovers, you may want to read the title of my blog!).

Oh well, I just hope that the station will realize this. Come on Atty "Papa Bear" Gozon, I know you can do better than that!

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MinnieRunner said...

I agree with you, BIG TIME! Although I am loving Full House remake :)

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