December 11, 2009

Jinkee Pacquiao versus Krista Ranillo


Who in their right minds will vote for Krista Ranillo for Manny Pacquiao? And in the first place, why on earth would someone post a poll or survey like this? The Wife versus The Rumored Mistress? One thing's for sure... whoever posted this poll / survey doesn't have a common sense didn't even think twice.

I don't really care about this issue... but I am also a wife. I don't think that it's quite proper or fair to promote mistresses!... or even provoke a battle against the legal one! And regarding this Krista-Jinkee issue, we still don't have any strong evidence that Krista really had a secret love affair with Manny Pacquiao. So what's the purpose of this poll / survey? Who the hell would be on TEAM KRISTA?!!!

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