November 23, 2009

Twilight Saga's NEW MOON Movie Adaptation: Big WOW!


It's been ages since my last post... been busy from work and stuff. But because of this movie, I decided to put this blog running again!

I know right! I'm a big fan of Twilight Saga... especially the way Stephenie Meyer wrote and conceptualized this whole thing. I love her! Even though I'm already a married person, oh my God, this flick really struck me!

I watched New Moon on the big screen on their very first day (yes, I was that excited!). I felt very fulfilled... after 6 months of waiting, there I was... finally watching Edward, Bella and Jake in action again. And until this very day, I still can't move on from this crazy hangover!

The movie was great! Compared with the first movie directed by Catherine Hardwick, I was more delighted with the movie adaptation of New Moon which was directed by Chris Weitz. Less cuts and revisions (well, I don't really have to complain about the cuts because an 8-hour movie isn't allowed.. I guess!), outstanding production and phasing. He kept his loyalty on the book... well, except for the "Voturri Fight Scene" and the "hallucinations". Oh well, I guess it'll be damn boring if he just made Edward (Rob Pattinson) appear on the first and last part of the movie. Good job, Chris! It's just so sad that you will no longer direct the 3rd movie (Eclipse).

Hmmm.. another 7 months before Eclipse.. I don't know if I can wait!


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