September 21, 2009

Edward Cullen


I was just wondering, is there someone as perfect as EDWARD CULLEN exists? No, I'm not talking about the vampire aspect nor the gorgeous features of Robert Pattinson. I'm talking about a man who does everything for her woman, who treats her like his princess and nothing less.

But I doubt it... I doubt that there's someone out there as perfect as Edward. Maybe there are still some guys out there who "can" be like him, but they might not always stay that way forever. Take it from me, 4 years ago, I thought I had my own version of Edward Cullen... until 9 to 12 months had passed, my Edward Cullen had revealed his true identity. And yeah, that was the end of my fairy tale.

How I wanted to blame Stephenie Meyer for making a character as perfect as Edward! If these characters are real, oh God, Bella's the luckiest woman ever in this world.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why many girls/women are obsessed with Twilight. Many people believe that girls are in love with Robert Pattinson... but the truth is, they are in love with Edward Cullen's character, they are in love with the way he loves Bella. (Is this one of the reasons why many girls hate Kristen Stewart? Hehe!)

I wish I can be like Bella to my man even just for a day... whew! But I know that's impossible... especially now. Maybe it's about time I should stop dreaming and start facing this sad reality whole-heartedly.

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