August 8, 2009

Willie Revillame on the Live Feed of Cory Aquino's Funeral March


Yes, Willie Revillame had a point on asking for the removal of Cory Aquino's Funeral March's Live Feed from his show. I understand that Wowowee is supposed to be a "happy show". But he should have said it to the staff untelevised, or atleast, he should have said it properly!
That proves it... Willie Revillame seems to think that he's on top of everything. He can't even manage to put things on their right places. Just from the way he asked for the live feed's removal infront of the cameras, he had already shown that he's "that big" to manipulate everything! What a big slap to his "superiors"!

If you're a regular viewer of his show, Wowowee, you can see that Willie is a very arrogant and tactless host. He belittles and humiliates people infront of live audiences and cameras. How about some humility, man? Why, for God's sake, do the superiors of ABS-CBN tolerate this kind of behavior? People from different places come to watch the show live, hoping they can be poured with even a little grace... not with some hurtful comments and humiliation! We're not talking about a comedy bar! (This also goes with Eat Bulaga. Your live viewers are not animals!)

Yes, they are popular and "influential"... I have already established that. But someone should take an appropriate action for this. Kids are watching these shows. What kind of morality will they learn from watching them?

Everyone.. especially the most influential and popular people should keep their feet on the ground. Is that hard?!

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Anonymous said...

Yeheyy..willie revillame is not on wowowie today..i hope evrybody would realize that mas masaya ang wowowie pag wala sya.No pressure on the part of the hosts, dancers and staff and it's more natural and that makes its happier to watch kasi mas totoong tao sila. Willie is also just wasting the airtime each time he renders his opening song..di nman sya magaling kumnta at paulit ulit lang..why not ask mariel to do the opening song? she is not a good singer but funny right? i am happy that finally willie is on the hot seat..he desrves it at siguro marami ng taong nkapansin ng kayabangan nya matagal na...nailabas lang ngayon dahil sobra na kaya tama na!Go girls..kayang-kaya nyong dalhin ang show without willie and to the management salamat po kung tanggalin nyo na lang po sya..nakaksira lang po sya ng ABS CBN dahil sya lang po ang ganyan dont you notice that? He is not who makes the show is the contestants at marami po ang nasisiyahan for the generous prizes of ABSCBN and sponsors..hindi nmn po sa kanya naggagaling ..di po kami masya each time pagagalitan nya ang mga dancers at ibang staff at pag nagyayabang po.. .Pls..pls..pls..dont bring him back..i suggest Chocolate..pooh and vice ganda to take his place... ang saya siguro po lalo!
i feel sorry for ABSCBN becoz u really did a good coverage on Pres. Cory but arrogant Willie stained the image of the good network..
You will still have my support!

Reel Advice said...

I have to agree with Willie's point. Why have fun when the funeral of one of the most celebrated people is being shown.

Too bad that he should have complained secretly and not on national tv!

In my opinion, ABS CBN was at fault as much as Willie is.

Anonymous said...

Reel you shut the f$ck up!

shydub said...

Yan ang mahirap sa mga taong mayayabang, bigyan mn ng chance makapag host kahit ilang beses na nasususpendi, lumalaki ang ulo. Lumakas lng ang show, lumaki an rin ang ulo, eversince before I've never liked this guy. taklesa na, bastos pa. Sana maalis na siya ng tuluyan sa show niya. The show will always be a big time kahit hindi siya ang host. Ang daming pinoy na may potential sa hosting.

shydub said...

Willie is such a fake guy, tama lng sa kanya matanggal sa show if ever tanggalin siya ng tuluyan. pay some respect to cory aquino willie and respect din sa may ari ng ABS CBN at iba pang crew.


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