August 22, 2009

Stop Dog Butchering!


I am a dog lover. But definitely, not a "dog meat" lover. I love dogs, no matter what the breed is... I just love them. And it hurts me whenever I see or hear a dog in pain.

Dogs are man's bestfriend. This is true. As others say, dogs are better in giving unconditional love to people. I guess, they are designed to love us and of course, to be loved in return... and not to be eaten.

Dog Meats, or "Azucena", are very common here in the Philippines. For some Filipinos, eating dog meats are just as natural as eating pork or beef.

Their reason?
They can no longer afford to buy some real meat like pork or beef.
My opinion?
Then eat vegetables!!!

I guess the only way to stop this is by making a real and strong LAW against these butchers. Maybe life-time imprisonment will do. People in the government should address this immediately.

Killing and eating these kind of animals aren't the answer to your empty stomachs. Work hard to buy some real food!

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john said...

shocking images of animal could man be so cruel to the weak I remember an old post of mine regarding the same topic in my blog..nice post

Poetic Shutterbug said...

This is absolutely disgusting though I know it happens in different countries around the world. It is nothing short of criminal.

_el@i_ said...

I definitely agree with you! This should be stopped! I'm still wondering until now if my lost dog was butchered! :(

Monica said...

how can mankind be so cruel and merciless?!?! :( STOP THIS CRUEL ACT!

Make Money Malaysia said...


ZAJA Natural said...

Goodness, those pictures are frightening! Now, I am not condoning this practice, and it is sad and cruel because I love dogs. But I do know that in certain parts of the word eating any 4 legged animal is normal to their way of life.

Some would look at Americans like we are crazy for eating cows (like certain ares that worship the cow) or for eating pig.

I would never eat a dog, and its really sad what they are doing to our furry domesticated friends. I am just saying that in some parts of the world dogs are not valued in the same light that we value them.

J.D. Lim said...

Hmmm.. You could be also shocked to know that in Korea, dogs are actually being kept for food.

Anonymous said...

yum yum

Anonymous said...

You said "For some Filipinos, eating dog meats are just as natural as eating pork or beef. "

How is it different?

"they are designed to love us and of course, to be loved in return... and not to be eaten."

Who desinged the animals? Scientifically, no one did. Besides the animal cruelty, shouldn't anyone be allowed to eat any animal they want?
ome Buddhist don't believe in slaughtering cows because they're considered sacred yet many of us still choose to eat beef. Why? Because we choose to. Why can't people choose to eat dog meat in the Phillipines.

Anonymous said...

Typical Western Nation of America trying enforce their laws on Foreign Nations. You damn americans really get on the World's nerve you know that? Thinking you're right in everything.

You keep trying to push your laws on everyone else. That country isn't Western Enough, I should tell them how to live their life. Women aren't Western enough, better call in the racist and sexist feminists... While you eat all sorts of animals that many nations consider sacred too, you keep trying to impose yourself onto them.

They're not Western enough... better send in Team America who's bombed every continent on the planet. I call you guys the U.S.S.A now. Since you're exactly where Russia was going when it became the U.S.S.R.

So fluffy became a steak. BOO HOO! You americans are learning your place in the world now, and it's about damn time. Self righteous arrogant mother fuckers.

vivek said...

you silly anonymous !!!
i m a bishnoi at india and a pure vegetarian.
who has given you rights to butcher the innocent animals .
no one
they have equal rights as humans have .

If animals are killed for food then then why cant humans be !!!
Anonymous ,if i kill your mother and eat her how would you feel !!!!

For more queries go to

mail me at

Anonymous said...

how can you make such a comparison of eating someones mother, you same species. It's nature for us to eat other animals. Just like it's nature for penguins to get eaten by leopard seals. I'm on team human.


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