August 26, 2009

Michael Jackson... Still Alive?! Oh Please, MOVE ON!


Crazy, huh? When will other people learn to move on?

Eversince MJ died, I've read so many articles/blogs saying that he's still alive, that he faked his death to escape his debts.

Good reason... but do you think that a person as big as him can fake his own death? Does it mean that the coroners, hospitals, cops/feds and even his own family lied to the whole world? This is totally absurd! had recently posted a video showing that MJ's still alive.

This video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in. I got the original video tape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it´s real and Michael is alive.

Oh please, quit it. Stop giving false hopes to others!

Michael Jackson's dead. He's gone. Move on!!

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life's journey said...

Oh news its really getting worst... thanks for visiting me.

madz said...

I am also thinking that he might be alive. But I already say goodbye to him. God Bless.


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