August 3, 2009

CANCER: A Traitor, A Killer.


It's just sad and alarming that many people, including well-known people and people I really know, are suffering and dying because of Cancer.

Recently, some well-known icons had died because of this deadly disease... from Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez, Francis "Kiko" Magalona and Former President Cory Aquino.

Last week, my niece told me that her former classmate and bestfriend is now suffering from Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. According to her, she didn't feel any symptoms except for the enlargement of her abdomen and irregularity of her menstrual period (which she thought was normal). She consulted an ob-gyne, they found out that she had a 9 cm cyst and instructed her to have an operation immediately. A few days or weeks later, she had her operation and the now 2 kg cyst was successfully removed. Unfortunately, her battle continues through Cancer. She's already scheduled for a series of Chemotherapies starting this August.

Yesterday, my sister sent me a text message that our close family friend, "Kuya John", died yesterday morning due to colon cancer. I was shocked, and saddened. He was very close to my whole family and he played a big part on my growing up days. He was very successful in life. He had a nice and strong family, a booming business and great friends. RIP Kuya John.

Clearly, Cancer can be compared to a serial killer. It's just that Cancer comes in different forms and ways.

The cure for cancer, if there's any, is still vague. Chemotherapies are designed to stop cancer cells from multiplying (in some cases, eliminate). But not all cancer patients are successfully treated by this.

Anyway, Cancer Prevention is easier. Just a little change of lifestyle will already do the trick.
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1. Avoid Smoking and Exposure to Smoke
2. Practice Sun Safety and Recognize When Skin Changes Occur
3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables
4. Limit Red Meat and Animal Fat
5. Limit Alcohol Intake
6. Exercise for Cancer Prevention
7. Know Your Personal and Family Medical History
8. Know What You're Being Exposed to in Your Work Environment
9. Practice Safe Sex
10. Get Screened For Cancer Regularly

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Brian Hildebrandt said...

Good information on lifestyle changes regarding cancer. I'm sorry to hear about your loss.


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