August 26, 2009

Michael Jackson... Still Alive?! Oh Please, MOVE ON!


Crazy, huh? When will other people learn to move on?

Eversince MJ died, I've read so many articles/blogs saying that he's still alive, that he faked his death to escape his debts.

Good reason... but do you think that a person as big as him can fake his own death? Does it mean that the coroners, hospitals, cops/feds and even his own family lied to the whole world? This is totally absurd! had recently posted a video showing that MJ's still alive.

This video shows that Michael was still alive after his dead body was transported to the Los Angeles Dept. of Coroner I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in. I got the original video tape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it´s real and Michael is alive.

Oh please, quit it. Stop giving false hopes to others!

Michael Jackson's dead. He's gone. Move on!!

Taylor Lautner's (aka Jacob Black) Beautiful Transformation


Wow! Now, I'm starting to admire Jacob Black!

Honestly, I didn't like Taylor Lautner for Jacob Black's role after watching the first movie installment of Twilight Saga. I was like, "Hello?! Taylor doesn't deserve the hunky-wolf role, and definitely not for Edward Cullen's rival!" (Click here to see my old post)

But now, I've totally changed my mind. As a matter of fact, I think Taylor's now hotter than Robert! Oh my.

Taylor Lautner did a good job on proving the anti-Taylor peeps (including me) that he really deserves the role. Go, Jacob Black!

August 22, 2009

Stop Dog Butchering!


I am a dog lover. But definitely, not a "dog meat" lover. I love dogs, no matter what the breed is... I just love them. And it hurts me whenever I see or hear a dog in pain.

Dogs are man's bestfriend. This is true. As others say, dogs are better in giving unconditional love to people. I guess, they are designed to love us and of course, to be loved in return... and not to be eaten.

Dog Meats, or "Azucena", are very common here in the Philippines. For some Filipinos, eating dog meats are just as natural as eating pork or beef.

Their reason?
They can no longer afford to buy some real meat like pork or beef.
My opinion?
Then eat vegetables!!!

I guess the only way to stop this is by making a real and strong LAW against these butchers. Maybe life-time imprisonment will do. People in the government should address this immediately.

Killing and eating these kind of animals aren't the answer to your empty stomachs. Work hard to buy some real food!

Titanic 2: The Trailer


I found this video last year and I was like: "What?! Titanic 2?! When?!"

Honestly, I really fell for it! Good thing, I scrolled down and saw the comments on YouTube.

Whoever made this video deserves an award. Good work!

Banned New Moon Trailer by Electric Spoofaloo


I was browsing on YouTube for some sneak peeks from the upcoming second installment of Twilight Saga, New Moon, when I came across this video.

I am a fan of Twilight Saga... but this video had really given me a good laugh!

For the original trailer of New Moon, CLICK HERE.

SQUIDOO - Great Social Site and Another Excellent Source of Money Online


I learned about SQUIDOO after watching all these tutorial videos on Social Media Marketing. Thanks to Sir Ricky and Ms. Yaqui!

So for others who don't have any idea on what I'm talking about...

What is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called "lenses") for subjects of interests.

Can I earn money from Squidoo?

Yes! The best way of earning money from Squidoo is by placing advertisements on your pages (lenses), and by using affiliate links of any kind. Squidoo tracks any payments made from your lenses, and get paid. You can also choose to share your earnings with a charity of your choice.

But like any other websites/programs, you must work to drive traffic to your lenses because without visitors, you can't expect to get many clicks to your adverts and sell advertising space on your lens for a higher price.

How can I get people visit my Squidoo Lenses?

You must have some basic knowledge regarding Search Enginge Optimization. However, nice content and topics might do 3/4 of the trick!

Try Now! I guarantee you... it's FUN!

You can check my Squidoo Page by CLICKING HERE

August 20, 2009

Pinoy Remake of Rosalinda on GMA 7


Eversince I was a kid, I'm already a fan of Thalia. In fact, I watched all her Mexican Novelas (Marimar, Maria Mercedes, Maria la del Barrio, & Rosalinda). Rosalinda was one of my favorites so I watched it again when GMA 7 replayed it.

When they announced that they're going to make a Pinoy version of Rosalinda, I was a bit excited because the network proved some justice on their remake of Marimar. I was also expecting the same thing for Rosalinda. So I eagerly waited and watched their pilot week. What they did on the storyline was ok... but I got a little disappointed on Carla Abellana's acting and the fact that they let Geoff Eigenman played the role of "Fernando Jose"... who was supposed to catch every girl's attention. I don't know, as a fan of these Mexican Novelas, maybe I was expecting too much from them.

Yes, Carla Abellana is very pretty. Her beautiful face is very suited for the role. But GMA 7 should have waited for her to enhance her acting skills more before giving her a project as big as this.

Anyway, it's still a good thing that the said network gave us some new faces on primetime. I'm getting fed up with Marian, Dingdong and Richard.

Fed Up With Alcoholl! Yahoo!


At last, I can proudly say that I'm already fed up with alcohol! I can now quit drinking!

Well, I'm not exactly an alcohol or beer addict... but whenever there's an occasion, I couldn't say "no" whenever someone passes me a drink... same thing whenever my husband invites me out for a couple of drinks. Before, I can consume 5 to 6 bottles without getting tipsy. But now, I can not even finish up a single bottle.

I don't know... I just felt it. Maybe it started since my brother-in-law's birthday celebration when we drank until morning. Whew! Finally... I can now focus my attention on how to quit smoking!

August 11, 2009

Twilight Star Ashley Greene's Nude Photos Leaked Online!


Thirsty for more popularity? Or just another ex-boyfriend seeking for payback?

I don't know about you people, but Ashley Greene was one of my favorite stars from the cast of Twilight and I soo love Alice Cullen! So I was quite shocked when I found out these nude photos of Ashley!

But aren't we tired of these "Vanessa Hudgens Moves" yet? These people aren't saints.

Joey De Leon's Poem Against Willie Revillame


In his column in the Philippine Star published last August 9, 2009, Joey de Leon presented a poem he composed that pictured Willie Revillame's "arrogance, stupidity and unprofessionalism". CLICK HERE to read about the issue that had ignited the fire.

The funeral cortege of former Pres. Cory Aquino: My tears came naturally

Wala na sa piling ng mga Pilipino,
Tinig ng awiting Mga Kababayan Ko,
At lumisan na rin noong isang Sabado,
Inang nagpalipad sa awiting Bayan Ko.
Ako'y sumasaludo, paalam Pangulo,
May isa 'kong lihim, kay tagal itinago,
Sa lahat nang inabot kong mga namuno,
Tanging ikaw lang sa luha ko'y nagpatulo.

Marami ang nalungkot sa iyong pagyao,
Magalang ang lahat at puno ng respeto,
Nagpasalamat pa nga Kapamilya sa 'yo,
Dahil kanilang himpilan naibalik mo.

Subalit ano itong nabalitaan ko?
Nangyari noong Lunes, a-tres ng Agosto,
Habang inililipat ang mga labi mo,
Ika'y parang nabastos sa isang TV show.

At ang napakasaklap at masakit dito,
Ang nambastos pa'y kapamilya ng anak mo,
Napanood ito ng tao at publiko,
Kakaunti na nga, ngunit lahat nahilo.
Sabi ng TV host na mainit ang ulo
Pagkakita sa video na kanyang kasalo,
"Sandali, meron akong ano... sa'ting ano...
Hindi naman sa ano," nagkaanu-ano!
Ayon sa Internet, meron pa s'yang nasambit,
"Sana pakitanggal muna 'yan sa'ting traffic..."
At 'di maaalis sa iyong pag-iisip,
Ang parada ng patay ang pinaliligpit!
At dagdag pa daw ng naghahari-harian,
"I don't think na dapat n'yong ipakita iyan..."
Nasaan naman ang paggalang, o nasaan?
Mga sinasabi natin minsa'y pag-ingatan.

At 'di pa nangimi nang sumunod na araw,
Pinilit pa ring ginawa n'ya ay tama raw,
Mga nakarinig 'di na nakagalaw
At ayon sa iba sila na la'y napa-wow!

"... Pero ako, totoo 'ko eh ... ", sabi kuno,
Totoo nga at totoo ring walang modo,
Pwede namang sabihin itong pa-sikreto,
Kaya't wala na rin mga paliwanag mo.

"Kung ganyan, pakita na lang 'yan!", ang hamon pa,
Para bang ang prusisyon nila-"lang - lang" lang ba,
Ang pangasiwaan ay pinapili pa n'ya,
Sumunod ang himpilan, nung August 5 wala s'ya.

May mga komentong pwede nang pang-harapan,
"On camera" baga sa TV ang tawag d'yan
At kung sensitibo man ang gustong bitawan,
Pagpasok ng commercial, hintayin mo na lang.

Matutong magbaba muna ng mikropono
At saka idikta lahat ng iyong gusto,
Lagi kang mataas lahat daw takot sa 'yo,
Ratings lang ang mababa — totoo ba ito?

The breaking news breaks your heart — at 'yan ang bawi mo,
Nang mahalata mong sumablay ang pasok mo,
Pero sigurado ika'y maa-abswelto,
'Di ba ikaw rin ang may-ari ng network n'yo?
Nung Hueves nag-apologize sa diario naman,
O, akala ko ba wala kang kasalanan,
Tapos ng angalan, sunod paliwanagan —
COMPLAIN before you EXPLAIN ka na naman!
O ito kaya ay isa na namang "glitch" lang,
Tulad ng "two-zero" 'di na natin nalaman,
O ito ay maliwanag na kabobohan?
Sa tingin ng marami, mahirap lusutan.

Ang sabi ng iba — istupidong mayabang,
At giit ng iba — istupidong mayaman,
Mayaman man o mayabang ang tiyak diyan,
Napakayaman n'ya sa kaistupiduhan.

Buti pa ang apat na honor guards ni Cory —
Sina Malab, Laguindan, Rodriguez, Cadiente,
Walong oras tumayo sa ulan at viaje,
Ang lahat ay tiniis at walang sinabi.

Samantalang ikaw na may bubong sa ulo,
Komportable ka lang sa malamig na studio,
Nang kapirasong libing sa TV sumalo,
Angal at inis ang sumambulat sa iyo.

Maaari din namang pabayaan na s'ya,
Subalit ang nangyari'y mabigat talaga,
Namayapang pangulo'y huling paalam na,
'Di mo pa pinagbigyan ... hoy, nag-iisa ka!

At nais ko lang sabihin at ipagyabang
Sa mahigit na s'yam na libong tanghalian,
Sa limang pangulong sa Bulaga'y dumaan,
Kahit isa wala kaming nilapastangan.

August 8, 2009

Willie Revillame on the Live Feed of Cory Aquino's Funeral March


Yes, Willie Revillame had a point on asking for the removal of Cory Aquino's Funeral March's Live Feed from his show. I understand that Wowowee is supposed to be a "happy show". But he should have said it to the staff untelevised, or atleast, he should have said it properly!
That proves it... Willie Revillame seems to think that he's on top of everything. He can't even manage to put things on their right places. Just from the way he asked for the live feed's removal infront of the cameras, he had already shown that he's "that big" to manipulate everything! What a big slap to his "superiors"!

If you're a regular viewer of his show, Wowowee, you can see that Willie is a very arrogant and tactless host. He belittles and humiliates people infront of live audiences and cameras. How about some humility, man? Why, for God's sake, do the superiors of ABS-CBN tolerate this kind of behavior? People from different places come to watch the show live, hoping they can be poured with even a little grace... not with some hurtful comments and humiliation! We're not talking about a comedy bar! (This also goes with Eat Bulaga. Your live viewers are not animals!)

Yes, they are popular and "influential"... I have already established that. But someone should take an appropriate action for this. Kids are watching these shows. What kind of morality will they learn from watching them?

Everyone.. especially the most influential and popular people should keep their feet on the ground. Is that hard?!

August 3, 2009

CANCER: A Traitor, A Killer.


It's just sad and alarming that many people, including well-known people and people I really know, are suffering and dying because of Cancer.

Recently, some well-known icons had died because of this deadly disease... from Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez, Francis "Kiko" Magalona and Former President Cory Aquino.

Last week, my niece told me that her former classmate and bestfriend is now suffering from Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. According to her, she didn't feel any symptoms except for the enlargement of her abdomen and irregularity of her menstrual period (which she thought was normal). She consulted an ob-gyne, they found out that she had a 9 cm cyst and instructed her to have an operation immediately. A few days or weeks later, she had her operation and the now 2 kg cyst was successfully removed. Unfortunately, her battle continues through Cancer. She's already scheduled for a series of Chemotherapies starting this August.

Yesterday, my sister sent me a text message that our close family friend, "Kuya John", died yesterday morning due to colon cancer. I was shocked, and saddened. He was very close to my whole family and he played a big part on my growing up days. He was very successful in life. He had a nice and strong family, a booming business and great friends. RIP Kuya John.

Clearly, Cancer can be compared to a serial killer. It's just that Cancer comes in different forms and ways.

The cure for cancer, if there's any, is still vague. Chemotherapies are designed to stop cancer cells from multiplying (in some cases, eliminate). But not all cancer patients are successfully treated by this.

Anyway, Cancer Prevention is easier. Just a little change of lifestyle will already do the trick.
(Source: Link)

1. Avoid Smoking and Exposure to Smoke
2. Practice Sun Safety and Recognize When Skin Changes Occur
3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables
4. Limit Red Meat and Animal Fat
5. Limit Alcohol Intake
6. Exercise for Cancer Prevention
7. Know Your Personal and Family Medical History
8. Know What You're Being Exposed to in Your Work Environment
9. Practice Safe Sex
10. Get Screened For Cancer Regularly

August 2, 2009

Mrs. Corazon "Cory" Aquino... Thank You!


Corazon "Cory" Aquino
Former Philippine President
January 25, 1933 - August 1, 2009

A mother, a wife, a leader, an icon... there are so many words to describe Mrs. Corazon "Cory" Aquino.

She was first known as the wife of the late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, Jr... who's one of the greatest leaders in the fight for democracy in his time. His death united the whole Philippines to fight against the dictatorship of the Marcos(es)... which had resulted to the first Philippine Revolution (Edsa Revolution) on 1986 and appointed his wife, Cory, as the first Philippine Woman President.

March 24, 2008 when the Aquino family announced that Cory (75) had a colon cancer. And yesterday, August 1, 2009, she had reunited the whole nation again with her death. Her last battle had already ended peacefully.

God might have already taken her from us, but she will always remain alive in our hearts. She will always be the great "Cory Aquino" who led the restoration of democracy and freedom back to the Philippines.


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