July 8, 2009

Ghost of Michael Jackson: You Judge.


This was accidentally captured at Michael Jackson's home on Larry King Live on CNN right after the King of Pop's death.

There were several speculations about this "now famous" video. Some people say that this was only tampered, some say that this was just a shadow of a person walking by the window, while some say that this is really the ghost of Jackson.

I don't think that this video was tampered. Would CNN risk it's integrity for a non-sense tampered video? And in the first place, if you'll look at it closely, the silhouette was blocking the light from behind.

Is it just a shadow of a person? Hell no! You wouldn't see it's feet if that was just a shadow of a person outside a window. And again, how can a shadow block the light from behind?

You judge.

Let's pray for Michael's soul. May he rest in peace.

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manik_reigun said...

all i can say was "whoa.."


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