July 5, 2009

Account Removed from Entrecard Because of Pop-Up Ad


I was a loyal member of Entrecard until my account was removed from their site because, according to them, there was a pop-up ad appearing on my blog. I was shocked because whenever I visit my own blog, I couldn't see any pop-up.

That was when I decided to use another browser (I was using Google Chrome). I was surprised when I saw that irritating ad. So I googled for some possible solutions. I tried almost everything. I removed my Nuffnang and Bidvertiser Ads... but the irritating pop-up was still there. Until all of a sudden my eye passed across my widget from RankWidget.com. I decided to remove it. And alas, the pop-up's gone!

So, for bloggers like me, let us be careful with the widgets we're placing on our blogs.

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J.D. Lim said...

True. Ingat sa paglalagay ng mga FREE WIDGETS lalo na ung medyo flashy.

I hope you get reinstated sa Entrecard. :)


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