July 22, 2009

My Last Goodbye


This will be my last goodbye..
For I will no longer let you hurt this heart of mine.
I may not be the toughest person in the world...
Maybe our good memories was the only thing I could hold.

I can't imagine living without you even just for a day...
But I must not let my emotions come my way.
For years, I grew tired of crying restlessly...
This time, I want to face life, my life, peacefully.

I have to leave now and give you your freedom...
I'm not turning back, this pain will soon be gone.
But I hope someday you'll remember, even just for a second...
Somewhere in your past, there was "me" who had wished to call you "my own"...

July 14, 2009

Cheaters Never Win


We may fall in love fast but it won't last...

We may flirt and take off shirts easily but it won't be worth it...

We may have feelings even if we already have rings and still end up with the ones who gave that rings...

People are everywhere...

But love is the one that is truly hard to find..

Yes, this is true. Women and men are everywhere. Sometimes in our lives, we may look for something that our partners don't have. And we may end up "cheating", or worst, decide to leave them for another men/women who have that certain "something". But in the end, some of us will realize that we still love them... but it's too late to have them back.

This often happens to those involved in long-term relationships and married people. We can't deny the fact that the "spark" often lasts until the 3rd or 4th year of their relationships (if you're in your 5th year or above and you both still feel that "spark", then you're lucky!). And if that "spark" dies, mostly people involved become prone to "temptations".

"Just wanted to taste a different food and flavor... tired of eating the same dish everyday.."

Looking at the brighter side, "cheating" can lead to a positive realization and can bring back the lost "spark" if they were burned from the fire they made (if it's not too late). But on the other hand, if they enjoyed it, they can be addicted with it.

"Cheating can sometimes be compared to smoking. Once you puff, you can never stop.."

Either way, cheating will always lead to "karma". And that's a sure thing.

Cheaters never win.

July 12, 2009

Still Can't Move On From Michael Jackson's Death


I'm currently watching Michael Jackson's concert on TV (ABS-CBN)... and I can't help myself from crying. I don't know why I'm feeling this way. I'm not a friend, not a die-hard fan and definitely, not a part of his family. But it feels like I lost a family member by a tragic death.

As I was saying, I am not a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson. But I love his songs. Not just because of the music... but their meaning. These songs obviously came from the heart who wanted to make the world, this world, a better place. He's not just an artist, he's also a global humanitarian and a noted leader against worldwide hunger and medical crises.

He also loves kids... it's because he never experienced being a child himself! Almost 80% of his childhood was spent being beaten up by his father, Joseph Jackson. Psychologists can explain this kind of frustration.

No one can deny that Michael was one of the greatest artists in music history. Despite of all the controversies and negative comments, he just did his own thing. And if I was on his parents' shoes, I'd be very proud of him.

He and his songs will forever stay in my heart. You will always be remembered, Michael.

July 8, 2009

Ghost of Michael Jackson: You Judge.


This was accidentally captured at Michael Jackson's home on Larry King Live on CNN right after the King of Pop's death.

There were several speculations about this "now famous" video. Some people say that this was only tampered, some say that this was just a shadow of a person walking by the window, while some say that this is really the ghost of Jackson.

I don't think that this video was tampered. Would CNN risk it's integrity for a non-sense tampered video? And in the first place, if you'll look at it closely, the silhouette was blocking the light from behind.

Is it just a shadow of a person? Hell no! You wouldn't see it's feet if that was just a shadow of a person outside a window. And again, how can a shadow block the light from behind?

You judge.

Let's pray for Michael's soul. May he rest in peace.

July 5, 2009

Account Removed from Entrecard Because of Pop-Up Ad


I was a loyal member of Entrecard until my account was removed from their site because, according to them, there was a pop-up ad appearing on my blog. I was shocked because whenever I visit my own blog, I couldn't see any pop-up.

That was when I decided to use another browser (I was using Google Chrome). I was surprised when I saw that irritating ad. So I googled for some possible solutions. I tried almost everything. I removed my Nuffnang and Bidvertiser Ads... but the irritating pop-up was still there. Until all of a sudden my eye passed across my widget from RankWidget.com. I decided to remove it. And alas, the pop-up's gone!

So, for bloggers like me, let us be careful with the widgets we're placing on our blogs.

Michael Jackson: A Small Personal Tribute


I know that this is kinda late. Better late than never, right?

I was really shocked after hearing the news of Michael Jackson's sudden death. I'm not an avid fan... but of all the music legends I know, I think Michael is the greatest icon the music history ever had! I don't know about Elvis Presley, he had a different genre and I wasn't even alive yet during his time.

Michael had a wonderful life, despite of all the controversies. He was well-respected by many from different countries and different races. That's why his death had saddened the whole world. It is very heart-tearing that he's no longer able to do his come-back and final concert next month.

This was Michael Jackson's Rehearsal Video filmed 2 days before his death. As we can see, his moves weren't as graceful as before.
CLICK HERE to watch.

I don't know about you but I will definitely miss Michael Jackson. He and his songs will forever live in my heart.

July 4, 2009

Maricar Reyes.. A Bad Publicity is Still a Publicity!


Maricar Reyes proves it! A bad publicity is still a publicity!

After her sex video (videos) controversy with Hayden Kho, Maricar Reyes shines more with her new acting project on "May Bukas Pa" (ABS-CBN). She plays the role of a "taong grasa" (Ina). Aside from that, she's also set to have her first major role on "Your Song Presents: Gaano Kita Kamahal".

Wow, despite of all the controversies and negative opinions thrown to her, she remained strong. Unlike Katrina Halili, she accepted all the consequences open-mindedly and she never asked for people's sympathies (anyway, she's fully-aware of her 3rd sex video). This is how a well-educated person acts!

Good luck on your career, Maricar!


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