June 10, 2009

Maid: Raped and Abused Because Of Katrina-Hayden Sex Video


A maid (or "kasambahay") filed a rape case against her employers (a couple).

According to the 18 year old victim, she was forced to have sex with her employers.

Her female employer denied this accusation. She said that they were under the influence of drugs and their maid willingly agreed on having sex with them ("threesome") after watching Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho's sex video. After that "threesome", according to the female employer, the maid even kissed her lips and said, "I love you, Ate.".
Source: Pep.ph

After reading this article, I realized that this Katrina-Hayden Sex Video is very "powerful" that it had already ruined lives... not just the lives of the people involved in this video, but it had already ruined an innocent person's life just by watching it.

I suddenly remembered the song "Gloomy Sunday"... a song composed by a Hungarian pianist and composer Rezso Seress in 1933, in which the singer mourns the untimely death of a lover and contemplates suicide. The song was blamed for touching off a wave of suicides during the nineteen-thirties.

I hope that this case (the "threesome" issue) would be the first and last rape incident (as a result of watching Katrina-Hayden Sex Video).

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shurutang said...

. . . lolz sa "gloomy sunday". i didnt expect na mababanggit mo yang kantang yan sa issue na to.

manik_reigun said...

crazy huh? tsk..another disturbing "haydenism" story.

madz said...

Oh my, :(


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