June 15, 2009

Justice For Ruby Rose Barrameda


After two years of searching, finally Ruby Rose Barrameda (younger sister of former beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda) has been found dead under the river of Navotas, inside a concrete-filled drum... handcuffed, strangled and head covered with plastic.

The victim was identified by her brother from the clothes the body was wearing inside the drum. The authorities confirmed that it was really Ruby Rose, based on the tooth sample the family had given.

She was first reported missing last March 14, 2007. According to her older sister, Rochelle, Ruby Rose and her ex-husband (Manuel Jimenez III) had a serious quarrel before she had mysterously disappeared.

An informant, who told the authorities where the body was located, also stated that he had witnessed the "killing". According to him, Ruby Rose's father in law and his brother were the one who did this "gruesome " crime. However, the suspects denied the accusation.

I hope and pray that whoever did this crime should be seriously punished and TORTURED! Let's just look at what they did to this poor girl!

Justice for Ruby Rose Barrameda!

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Anonymous said...

this murder case was really horrendous. as much as i symphatize with the victim, my heart goes to the \jimenez family, esp to Lope, the uncle in law. people have no idea who this montero is. he was actually fired from the BSJ company for stealing and doing illegal activities using the BSJ facilities. he was so furious and threatened them. he confessed to do this killing, he probably did...using BSJ facilities, without any knowledge of the jimenezes. if lope had a dark secret... do you think he would fire him despite of his threat to destroy them? i hope the real suspects would pay for all this...

Pinoy Issues said...

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Anonymous said...

hello, ask ko lang bakit ayaw payagan yon mga bata dumalaw sa burol ng ina? hmm.. very big questionable yan?

Anonymous said...

justice for ruby rose and hope that jimenez will rot in jail.

Anonymous said...

hello, pakipost naman po dito yon current news always. thanks


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