June 3, 2009

Joseph "Erap" Estrada for President Again?


Seems like Joseph "Erap" Estrada is planning to run for presidency again this coming May 2010 Elections. "Let the people decide" is his answer whenever he's asked for his upcoming plans.

According to him, he can run anytime he wants because he didn't "resign"... he was "removed" from the position. He was impeached and convicted guilty of plunder. If we're going to base on the constitution, he's no longer eligible to run. And let us, atleast, imagine the country's reputation and future economy if Erap will be our President again (a convicted plunderer who had only received a pardon is again leading the country.... to where? to "kahihiyan"?)

It's also frustrating that Erap received a 15%  vote in the Pulse Asia May 2010 Presidentiables last May 4-17, 2009. It just means that almost 15% of voters don't have any idea on what will possibly happen to their dear country if they'll let Erap win the position again. 

Erap has to rest... why does he want to have this kind of "political-garbage-life" when he can have this peaceful life with his family and some "real" (it's very hard to determine the "real ones" in the world of politics) friends? Let's face it, he's old enough... he should spend his remaining years relaxing, or hanging out with his grandkids. Or he can enter the world of showbizness again! He can do whatever he wants with his personal life and time (except for the "running for president" part!). 

I hope and pray that the voters will consider all the facts before voting anyone for President. Let's not easily believe in all the words and promises, instead, let's think and focus on the things that they already did for the country.

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manik_reigun said...

sometimes democracy has its own crap. erap still has his command of the masses. but remember, the marcos' still have their "loyalists".
the point?
they can have their loyal supporters, but the majority can dictate the game.

i think the people are getting wiser. sana sa 2010 lumitaw.

Anonymous said...

the problem of our country is the "masa" because they allowed themselves to be used by f*c*#+g politicians... Our president wannabes in the next election will be the same us our president now because "The players have change but the game remains the same" POLiTiCS

Anonymous said...

Hay nako di na natuto.
Sana pasabugin na ang pilipinas para mawala na.

Anonymous said...

He get his vote with Masses because he can fool their mind with Empty Promises AGAIN. He speak about his hardship during his conviction and imprisonment, BE REAL! WHAT A LIE! he was the ONLY JAILED PERSON that has an A class treatment! He is jailed in his Rest House, regularly visited by family and eating good food. Shame on those masses believe on his JUNK Promises! "Erap Para Sa Mahirap" kaya TAYO'y HIHIRAP! ^^,v

Anonymous said...

kung mananalo si erap... the pihilippines will sink at its lowest.... baka ang pera natin mas masahol pa sa pera ng indonesia..

Anonymous said...

Basta erap parin kami---Erap will still win, if majority of the filipinos will dig deep in their hearts and asked themselves--(who they really can trust)--

Erap can only lost if there will be manipulations from the most powerful country in the world--


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