June 6, 2009

Free Movie Downloads


I am a movie addict. I didn't have an internet connection 3 years ago so as of now, I already have 733 DVD's and VCD's at home (of course, not all of them are original!)

But because of the stupid crisis, I had to cut some expenses... and that includes the buying of DVD's. Luckily, our technician (who's also an employee from our Internet Service Provider) recommended a website where we can watch free movies (there's no point on posting the link here because the website's gone). But it takes us 4 hours to buffer a whole movie so we looked for another alternative. 

That's when I learned about BitTorrent, Axxo, and the best media player in the world.. VLC Media Player. First, I downloaded VLC Media Player and BitTorrent. I download Original Axxo Movie Torrents from Superfundo... I heard that Axxo's torrents were the best and many dvd rippers were pirating him so Superfundo is my only source. But unfortunately, that page is no longer updated.

So I guess I have to go back to my old school way of watching movies. Yes, it's more expensive, but safer. I don't want to risk my computer of damn viruses other fake torrents may contain.

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manik_reigun said...

aku man ay movie addict!
at selfconfessed sparrow supporter! haha.
pero lately di ako satisfied sa downloads.
iba pa rin ang feel ng old schoool cinema.
magastos, kaya piling pili ang mga pnunuorin.


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