June 15, 2009

Justice For Ruby Rose Barrameda


After two years of searching, finally Ruby Rose Barrameda (younger sister of former beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda) has been found dead under the river of Navotas, inside a concrete-filled drum... handcuffed, strangled and head covered with plastic.

The victim was identified by her brother from the clothes the body was wearing inside the drum. The authorities confirmed that it was really Ruby Rose, based on the tooth sample the family had given.

She was first reported missing last March 14, 2007. According to her older sister, Rochelle, Ruby Rose and her ex-husband (Manuel Jimenez III) had a serious quarrel before she had mysterously disappeared.

An informant, who told the authorities where the body was located, also stated that he had witnessed the "killing". According to him, Ruby Rose's father in law and his brother were the one who did this "gruesome " crime. However, the suspects denied the accusation.

I hope and pray that whoever did this crime should be seriously punished and TORTURED! Let's just look at what they did to this poor girl!

Justice for Ruby Rose Barrameda!

June 10, 2009

Maid: Raped and Abused Because Of Katrina-Hayden Sex Video


A maid (or "kasambahay") filed a rape case against her employers (a couple).

According to the 18 year old victim, she was forced to have sex with her employers.

Her female employer denied this accusation. She said that they were under the influence of drugs and their maid willingly agreed on having sex with them ("threesome") after watching Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho's sex video. After that "threesome", according to the female employer, the maid even kissed her lips and said, "I love you, Ate.".
Source: Pep.ph

After reading this article, I realized that this Katrina-Hayden Sex Video is very "powerful" that it had already ruined lives... not just the lives of the people involved in this video, but it had already ruined an innocent person's life just by watching it.

I suddenly remembered the song "Gloomy Sunday"... a song composed by a Hungarian pianist and composer Rezso Seress in 1933, in which the singer mourns the untimely death of a lover and contemplates suicide. The song was blamed for touching off a wave of suicides during the nineteen-thirties.

I hope that this case (the "threesome" issue) would be the first and last rape incident (as a result of watching Katrina-Hayden Sex Video).

June 6, 2009

KC Concepcion and Hayden Kho Sex Video Scandal: How True?


I was shocked after reading a BLIND ITEM about KC Concepcion having a sex video scandal with Hayden Kho. I googled it and I felt kinda relieved... it was confirmed (based on the links below) that KC Concepcion had a video scandal but it wasn't like Katrina Halili's sex video.

According to one of our sources, it wasn't really a SEX Video.. but it's definitely a Video Scandal. Hayden Kho took KC Concepcion's video while dressing up at Dra. Belo's Clinic. KC is definitely a victim here if this issue is true.

According to another source, when Sharon Cuneta (KC's Megastar Mom) learned about the video, she bursted like hell and slapped her daughter and was hospitalized afterwards.

Wanna know more about this issue? You can check these other links:

Free Movie Downloads


I am a movie addict. I didn't have an internet connection 3 years ago so as of now, I already have 733 DVD's and VCD's at home (of course, not all of them are original!)

But because of the stupid crisis, I had to cut some expenses... and that includes the buying of DVD's. Luckily, our technician (who's also an employee from our Internet Service Provider) recommended a website where we can watch free movies (there's no point on posting the link here because the website's gone). But it takes us 4 hours to buffer a whole movie so we looked for another alternative. 

That's when I learned about BitTorrent, Axxo, and the best media player in the world.. VLC Media Player. First, I downloaded VLC Media Player and BitTorrent. I download Original Axxo Movie Torrents from Superfundo... I heard that Axxo's torrents were the best and many dvd rippers were pirating him so Superfundo is my only source. But unfortunately, that page is no longer updated.

So I guess I have to go back to my old school way of watching movies. Yes, it's more expensive, but safer. I don't want to risk my computer of damn viruses other fake torrents may contain.

June 3, 2009

Joseph "Erap" Estrada for President Again?


Seems like Joseph "Erap" Estrada is planning to run for presidency again this coming May 2010 Elections. "Let the people decide" is his answer whenever he's asked for his upcoming plans.

According to him, he can run anytime he wants because he didn't "resign"... he was "removed" from the position. He was impeached and convicted guilty of plunder. If we're going to base on the constitution, he's no longer eligible to run. And let us, atleast, imagine the country's reputation and future economy if Erap will be our President again (a convicted plunderer who had only received a pardon is again leading the country.... to where? to "kahihiyan"?)

It's also frustrating that Erap received a 15%  vote in the Pulse Asia May 2010 Presidentiables last May 4-17, 2009. It just means that almost 15% of voters don't have any idea on what will possibly happen to their dear country if they'll let Erap win the position again. 

Erap has to rest... why does he want to have this kind of "political-garbage-life" when he can have this peaceful life with his family and some "real" (it's very hard to determine the "real ones" in the world of politics) friends? Let's face it, he's old enough... he should spend his remaining years relaxing, or hanging out with his grandkids. Or he can enter the world of showbizness again! He can do whatever he wants with his personal life and time (except for the "running for president" part!). 

I hope and pray that the voters will consider all the facts before voting anyone for President. Let's not easily believe in all the words and promises, instead, let's think and focus on the things that they already did for the country.

June 1, 2009

Twilight Saga's "New Moon": First Movie Trailer


I won't say that this is the New Moon's "Official" Trailer because even if this is from the MTV Movie Awards 2009, no one can't release an official trailer while the movie's production is still ongoing. 

For the meantime, let's enjoy ourselves with this first trailer of the upcoming 2nd installment of Twilight Saga: "New Moon". 

In case the video above is not working, CLICK HERE for a YouTube Video.


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