May 30, 2009

Lolit Solis and her BIG MOUTH!


As I had mentioned on Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho's Sex Video Scandal, Media was the one that made this issue worse... especially Lolit Solis. I don't know why she had taken almost 80% of the scenes of this issue... I guess Hayden's mom won't accuse Solis of anything if she hadn't been a "Big Mouth" right from the start. (Oh, just my personal opinion!!)

It's ok to talk, but it's very important to consider the choice of words. If you would like to appear educated, then act and speak like you're educated. It doesn't matter who's on the right or wrong side, just let the people INVOLVED (really involved) on this issue settle the problem. 

Stop making things worse, and stop bringing up irrelevant issues! (Who cares if Hayden receives P300,000 worth of allowance monthly??!!)

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Femmepower said...

we share the same opinion on Lolit Solis. but anyway, she's been like that for the longest time so I'm not surprised anymore. I just wonder why a lot of people give her so much media space when her opinions aren't valuable anyway.she does more harm than good. she is a glaring example of "nakikisawsaw."

Anonymous said...

Hayden Kho bayani ng bansang Pinoy !

Vote for him as Senator ! He is the liberator of media censorship, handsome, at pinoy na pinoy sa kama !


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