May 5, 2009

It's Not Perez Hilton's Fault on this "Pinoy Twilight" Issue!


I know that this post is a little bit late, I even tried my best just to ignore the issue but it already burned my nerves to hell. 

This is all about the ABS-CBN's plan on remaking "Twilight"... so-called "Takipsilim" which, according to actual reports, will be starred by Shaina Magdayao and Rayver "Eeew" Cruz. 

Last December 2008, reported about the station's plan to do a local tv remake of the movie "Twilight". It was also mentioned by their own official website that ABS-CBN bought the rights for a price of One Million Dollars with Ignite Media as Co-Producer. 

After it was published in the popular Hollywood Website (Perezhilton.Com), Twilight Fans all over the world reacted negatively with a great number of petition entries against the Filipino Version of Twilight (Takipsilim).

And after a week, ABS-CBN started denying it... yes, they started denying the report made by their own website. They deleted that report from their website and blamed Perez Hilton on spreading that "false rumor". WTF? 

Come on ABS-CBN, face it! Stop blaming anyone! That should teach you a lesson, have an originality! Stop dreaming, as far as I'm --- we're concerned, you won't be able to catch everyone's attention by remaking Twilight! You had just ignited a fire... a great fire.

Other Links Regarding This Issue:

Now, stop this crap. ABS-CBN, maybe you owe Perez Hilton an apology. You shouldn't blame other people when you were the one who started the fire. Stop it and let's all move on. (And about your "Twilight Remaking Plan".. QUIT IT!!)

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Steinar Arason said...

Hei great post. And I agree to you.

Keep on blogging. I will visit you more often.

If you want to say hi.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

So typical of ABS-CBN..

As far as I know... ABS-CBN has lost its credibility since hmmmm I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

credibility? ABS-CBN? ha - ha. two mutually exclusive concepts. from the bosses to their noontime show host to their pa-star sensationalized, attention-getting news reporters and anchors, to their made-up sensational news and showbiz talk shows (who can tell teh difference, anymore), to their non-talent talent. all lying cheating, malicious backstabbing, underhanded bunch of witless, honorless, useless crap.


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