May 5, 2009

Aling Dionisia: Instant Celebrity!


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Aling Dionisia, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's Mother.. now an instant celebrity! Wow, a true-to-life story of "Rags to Riches"... from a fancy bracelet to a one miilion worth of diamond-studded rolex watch.. from a very simple life in a small town to a life full of cameras and reporters around.. whew!

So what does it feel like to be Pacman's mom? Aling Dionisia is, obviously, still struck with the fame she's having now. She enjoys the camera more than anything, taking her everyday activities (I can't forget the first time she went to the US --- "Nasa States na ako! Nasa States na ako!"). Well, we can't blame her. All her life, she wasn't able to experience this kind of life. Lucky for her, she had Manny as her son. 

But wait... how about Pacman's father? We all know that he and Aling Dionisia were already separated, but he's still Pacman's father. The last time I had seen him was on tv, right after his fight with Hatton. He's grateful for his son's victory... I hope Pacman feels the same way for his father (without him, there'll be no Manny Pacquiao). If his father didn't eat Pacman's dog, he won't live on the streets and become a professional boxer at the age of 14. Enough reason to thank a father, right?:-)

Oh well, what else can I say?

Good luck, Pacman.
Enjoy, Aling Dionisia.
Be thankful for everything, everyone.:-)

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Anonymous said...

I agree... Why is it that Pacman seems to have forgotten his father?

Though his parents are separated... still he won't be in this world if not for his father. Aling Dionisia cannot conceive him on her own.

The rags to riches story of Aling Dionisia seems to be a little irritating though as everytime I see her on tv, I can't help but get annoyed on how she reacts... it was like not-so-real actions.

The way she speaks about Manny and Jinky seems a little hypocritical coz if I remember it right, she hates Jinky very much. Typical monster-in-law.

madz said...

Yup! Hope Pacman still recognizes his father. And hope Pacman and Aling Dionisia keep their foot on the ground :)

olrayt said...

maybe pacman hasn't forgotten his father, baka mas camera-friendly lang si aling dionisia :D

Anonymous said...

I pity's Manny's father, he was not recognized even once being the father of a boxing champion.

Manny anak...pag di ka lumingon sa tatay mo na pinanggalingan mo, tandaan mo, baka yan ang ika bagsak mo....paalala lang po.


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