April 20, 2009

The Truth Behind Unexpected Break-Ups and Heartbreaks


How to deal with an unexpected breakup? That's one of the hardest situations every person in a relationship may face.

The truth is, THERE IS NO UNEXPECTED BREAK-UP. This is just for the people who let their hearts take over their minds. You can see the truth, you can see what's happening... but your heart keeps on denying it. Or in some cases, you know the truth but you keep on holding onto the wrong one.

The wise ones can predict the timeframe of their relationships. How? Simple. Just by observing and thinking. I myself is one of those "wise ones" I'm talking about. I love... but I always see to it that my brain is always above my heart (I guess that's the reason why God created the brain on top of our bodies). As a wise one, I can easily deal with love problems and especially, break-ups.

I was badly hurt before. My first ever relationship didn't go well as I and everyone had expected. It was a long-term relationship and during the course, I can easily count the happy moments with my fingers. Everyone was calling me a "martyr".. yes, I was a martyr. I was the only one wanting that relationship to work. I tried everything, from begging to trying to commit suicide infront of him (I know, right!). Until the "big day" came, we broke up, and I couldn't do anything to revive that stupid relationship. I left, I transferred to a place 86 kilometers from him. It took me more than a year to pick up the shattered pieces of myself. I started a new life in a new place, with a bunch of new people.

From that day of my resurrection, I made sure that that will be my last stupid relationship. I can no longer afford to let my heart be broken by anyone.. ANYONE. But I didn't hate love. I still involved myself into relationships, but this time, more wisely.

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Charaze said...

Unexpected break-ups are those that really dig a deep wound. Seriously, it does. It's like throwing you a huge party and you think it's a birthday party but it isn't. It's a "Breaking Up" party in reality. See? Gobsmack!


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