April 15, 2009

Ted Failon's Wife Found With A Gunshot in Her Head: Suicide or Foul Play?


Ted Failon's wife, Trinidad Arteche Etong, was found earlier today (April 15, 2009) inside their bathroom with a gunshot in her head.
Failon told the investigators that he and his wife had an argument last Tuesday Night but they had already settled their differences this morning.

Failon left early this morning for his morning radio talk show and was back at this house at around 10:20am after talking to his wife over the phone. When he got home, the bathroom's door was locked. After opening it with a key, Failon told investigators that he found his wife full of blood, sitting on the toilet bowl. Based on the hospital description, the bullet entered her left temple exiting through the right.
Investigators also recovered a letter allegedly written by Trinidad (incomplete):

"Papa, I'm so sorry gusto kong magsabi ng totoo pero hindi ko alam kung
paano umpisahan. Natatakot ako kaya umalis ako... Sorry, sorry. -Mama"

Based on the investigators, the incident wasn't reported immediately and upon discovering the scene, it had already been cleaned up by the househelp. They also noted that although the entry wound was on the victim's left temple, the .380 caliber she was shot with was on her right side.
The hospital already said that Trinidad is now brain dead. Let's just pray that there'll be a miracle recovery. I hope that the truth will be revealed soon.
Source: Inquirer.net

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