April 3, 2009

My Personal Appeal to the Abu Sayyaf Men


As you all know, the latest was the kidnapping of the three Red Cross Volunteers - Eugenio Vagni (Italian), Andreas Notter (Swiss), and Mary Jean Lacaba (Filipino). They were kidnapped while heading to a local airport after visiting a Red Cross Water Sanitation Project at the provincial jail last January 15, 2009.

Thank God after a long "heart-thumping" time, they released Mary Jean today (April 2, 2009), unfortunately, leaving the two foreign nationals still in their captivity. According to them, the reason why they released Mary Jane is to prove everyone that they are "capable in serious negotiations". Based on latest reports, they're still holding on to their old political demands.
I'm happy that Mary Jean was released today, but I'll be more happy if they will also release the two foreign nationals who dedicated their lives in helping the most disadvantaged people in the world.

I'm now appealing to the Abu Sayyaf men (I hope that you'll be able to read this), like you, these men have families, children, loved ones... waiting and praying for them. Kidnappings and killings aren't the only way to voice out your demands. We know that you're only doing these for a reason. If you have problems with the government, so do we. But please, committing crimes won't solve it. Think about your families and kids, would you like them to live in this kind of world? I know that behind those guns, you still have the hearts.

People, please help me spread this post... just this once. I really want this to be read by these men. This may sound crazy, but I'm not killing my only little way to help the remaining hostages and to make this world peaceful for all of us.

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